Saturday, May 28th, 2016

NHSA Profile


The NHSA: Past, Present, and Future

The NHSA is celebrating its rapid growth in both the scope of its programs and its membership participation. Since its conception in the spring of 2009, the NHSA has come to represent over 52 universities across North America, launch numerous educational initiatives (see below), elicit enthusiastic member participation on the regional level, and conduct several tremendously successful conventions in cities across the United States.

As we look ahead to the upcoming year, the NHSA will be pursuing the following initiatives in the interest of building upon its past successes and answering to the ever-changing needs of Hellenic students that will arise in the future:

  1. NHSA Milestone Project: The Greece-US Student Exchange Program This student exchange program allows both American and Greek students to realize their vision of studying abroad by receiving credits and paying no additional fees through a “mutual mobility” framework. The NHSA finds the compatible courses and facilitates both the bilateral agreements between the American and the Greek Academic Institutions and the adjustment (cultural & language engagement, housing, social and professional networking) of the students in both countries.
  2. Info Sessions Project Informational seminars hosted by the NHSA that inform student in Greece about opportunities for graduate studies in the United States. Topics of discussion include specifics of the application process, scholarship availability, and program placement. Past venues have included the University of Athens, the University of Crete, and the National Technical University of Athens with outstanding attendance.
  3. Greek-American Online Career Center This online resource, created in cooperation with the Hellenic Voice, serves as a hub of communication between job seekers and potential employers by facilitating the exchange of job listings, resumes, and contact information.
  4. Greece Dialogues A series of online interviews conducted with academics, professional, economists, and politicians who share their first hand experiences and insights regarding the Greek economic crisis. Interviews will be conducted with the goal of educating by indentifying the causes of the crisis, as well as the opportunities for Greece to move peacefully and democratically towards prosperity as a nation.
  5. Heritage Project This project, created as a celebration of Hellenic culture, aims to connect and inspire students through the mutual heritage they share. The project consists of several cultural initiatives including Inspirational High School Talks, a student run Greek Literature Translation Project, and the creation of a Greek Poetry Translation Database.
  6. 501(c)3 Status The NHSA will be obtaining official non-profit status as an educational and cultural organization. In doing so, we will be able to more effectively utilize our resources towards the advancement of our goals and initiatives.


Friends, Supporters and Media can download the NHSA Profile here