Attendance & Travel Scholarship



The National Hellenic Student Association (NHSA) of North America offers both attendance scholarships and travel attendance scholarships to help attendees alleviate the cost of attending a convention.  The requirements are below.

Attendance Scholarships

  1. Purchase an Ultimate Weekend Package or an Ultimate Local Weekend Package
  2. Attend all required events, which are indicated in the convention itinerary/schedule of events (note: it is the requestors job to make sure that they have checked in to all events)
  3. Complete and submit a scholarship form by the deadline provided (note: scholarship forms are generally available within a week following the convention and the deadline is generally set one week following that date) - Click HERE for the attendance scholarship form
  4. Complete the post-convention survey prior to the deadline (note: survey is generally available within a week following the convention) - Click HERE for the survey

Travel Attendance Scholarships

  1. Qualify for an attendance scholarship
  2. Travel from outside a 7-hour driving distance from the city in which the convention is being held (per Google Maps)
  3. Provide a copy of all travel expenses/itineraries that shows your name and the total travel expenses (note: flight itineraries, train tickets, bus tickets, and gas/toll receipts are all accepted) - Put your full name in the subject line of the email.



Attendance scholarships are not guaranteed, unless otherwise announced.  Historically, all those who have qualified, received their scholarships.  The attendance scholarship amounts are predetermined and announced prior to the convention.  Attendance scholarship are either provided as a refund to the credit card used to purchase the convention ticket or via check.
Travel attendance scholarships are also not guaranteed and are not predetermined.  The amount offered for travel attendance scholarships are decided upon after the convention.  Either all or some of these are taken into consideration when determining who will receive travel attendance scholarships and the amount they shall receive: distance traveled, cost of transportation, when convention ticket was purchased, and/or the order in which the scholarship application was received.  Travel attendance scholarships are provided via check, unless otherwise decided by the NHSA Executive Board. Attendance scholarships and travel attendance scholarships are generally issued within one (1) month following the deadline to submit the scholarship form.