Monday, May 30th, 2016


Traditionally, the NHSA Convention has been a biannual (one in fall and another in spring) 3-day event held at a different member-university’s location. The purpose of the NHSA Convention is to establish a strong group of dedicated individuals to lead the organization. Besides elections, the NHSA accomplishes many of the other functions that are crucial to the organization. The Convention offers opportunities to meet students of Hellenic decent from across the nation. Finally, issues that are important to Hellenic world are discussed.

During the course of the year 2009 the NHSA has decided to add a second Convention to its annual programming giving the opportunity to its member-HSAs to meet once every semester.  The motivation behind this decision came from the successes of the previous Conventions, starting with the re-founding Convention held at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, in March 2009. It was obvious that just one weekend was not enough to discuss all the concerns and issues that our current generation is facing. Also taking into account that our membership is growing, it was evident that a second General Assembly was necessary. With the organization of two NHSA Conventions the NHSA will be able to mark the beginning and ending of each academic year and will be able to foster the growth of its member-HSAs more efficiently.

The ultimate goal of the NHSA Conventions is to bring together student representatives of NHSA member-Chapters (HSAs) with the aim of promoting Hellenic culture, sharing educational experiences and networking.


Interested in hosting the next convention? Get together with your area HSAs and local Greek community to be the next host city! Apply now to host a convention by contacting NHSA at