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Call for Proposals

Call for Proposals: NHSA Convention Fall 2011

National Hellenic Student Association’s chapter-universities are invited to submit proposals to host the next NHSA Convention in Fall 2011.

Hosting a NHSA Convention at your city/University is a great opportunity to spark interest amongst your student- members, revive and earn publicity for your local HSA. By offering to host such a big event as the NHSA Spring 2010 Convention, you get the chance to advertise your local HSA and connect with more potential sponsors that can later be easily approached for events of your local HSA. Most importantly, you are actively participating in NHSA’s effort to spread the word about Hellenism and Education (Paideia) in America.
The candidate HSA’s will have the opportunity to present their proposals for hosting the next NHSA Convention Fall 2011 during the NHSA Convention Spring 2011 held in Chicago, IL

Previous Conventions have taken place in:
Spring 2009- University of Connecticut
Fall 2009- University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Spring 2010- Atlantic City (in collaboration with Hermes Expo and SAE Youth)
Fall 2010- Ohio State University
Spring 2011- Chicago, IL (forthcoming)

The selection process is based on the submission of proposals. Please review the Host a Convention Page to give you an idea of what your proposal should include.

You are also encouraged to reveiw previous Convention pages to understand the scope and purpose of this NHSA core activity.

In case there are more than one Universities/HSAs in an area that are interested in co-organizing the Spring 2011 NHSA Convention, one proposal should be submitted collectively.

If your HSA is not represented at the NHSA Convention Spring 2011, but would still like to submit a proposal you can do so, by emailing us its proposal. In such cases, one of the NHSA’s Board members will present the proposal to the rest of the Convention participants.

The deadline for submitting your proposals is Friday, April 8th. Submit your proposals by emailing us at

Proposals will be presented and open to discussion on Sunday, April 10th. A decision will be made the same day by the NHSA Board and all NHSA members will be informed.

Send your Questions at