Saturday, May 28th, 2016


The NHSA of America is proud to share with you some of the most important Initiatives/Programs currently run. The success and the wide acceptance these projects receive are proved by NHSA’s rapid growth and advancement in membership, stability, and  continuity during the two years of our existence from our founding in Spring of 2009.

Our top priority is to put all our efforts to fulfill our vision, i.e. assist Greek, Greek-American and Cypriot students to seize the best of the ample lifetime opportunities offered to them while studying in the United States.

To this end all the NHSA members collaborate together, usually forming a committee, to run certain projects/initiatives related to students’ needs including educational/research environment, career networking and of course creation of social bonds.

One of the most promising initiatives is the Milestone Project regarding the exchange of students between American and Greek Universities. This program is in line with many other that already have been accomplished, i.e. the ERASMUS students exchange program among many Universities in Europe.

We actually expect the first student exchanges to take place in the coming academic year under our Milestone Project: The NHSA Student Exchange Program.

Other NHSA Initiatives include the Info Sessions held at Greek Public Universities in an effort to inform and educate students in Greece about higher learning opportunities in the United States. Further, the Greek American Career Center is a dedicated site offering resources to students for life beyond university, mainly the opportunity to search for viable internships and job opportunities.

Also please check this page for regular updates regarding all the NHSA Initiatives.