Monday, May 30th, 2016

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The Greece Dialogues


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The National Hellenic Student Association of America is expanding its initiative and is proud to launch the “Greece Dialogues” Interview Series.

As soon as the economic upheavals started unfolding in Greece, the HSA member chapters began holding lectures and we devoted the theme of the NHSA Convention Fall 2010 held at Ohio State University with the goal to create a common information point for its student members regarding the parameter’s that affect Greece’s economic situation. Read more here.

Since then, the crisis has heightened and spread to the point that Greece is in the spotlight making international headline news almost daily. The Greek crisis proved to be of larger extent than one could originally conceive. It is in the epicenter of the ‘Euro-zone crisis’ given the interdependencies that exist in the global financial system and the fact that efforts to deal with this must be subtle as the consequences will effect more than just one country, more than just the Greeks or the Germans.

The “Greece Dialogues” Interview Series is an initiative, like the name suggests, where we will compile a series of online interviews in which established economists, academics, professionals, and politicians share their first hand experiences and insights regarding the crisis with our members and the general public. The goal is simple: to constructively contribute academic and professional opinions in the discussions surrounding Greece and the Euro-zone crisis, which has attracted negative media attention- often to the point of exaggeration-.

Thereby we actively shape the factual dialogue (debunking fallacies and myths) regarding the weakneses and strengths, the opportunity for change to move Greece toward a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous path.

Essentially, our goal is to begin to articulate the re-branding for Greece.

We invite all members, friends and supporters to join and support this effort. The NHSA has put together a pool of questions which we plan to ask all interviewees so as to develop a comparative database of different perspectives. Here are ways you can help:

  • Students at any university in the US or Greece can ask to be given the questions and guidelines how to conduct the interview so as to contact professors and experts in your community.
  • Friends & supporters depending on their level of experience can be an interviewer or interviewee.
    We welcome suggestions of people you can put us in touch with, whose analysis you think will add to the Dialogues.  If you are in the position to also conduct interviews in your city or community we will gladly work with you.

Lastly, if you are a financial professional or an academic and have already been talking or writing about the crisis we would love to hear from you and offer another outlet for your analysis.

Disclaimer: the NHSA reserves the right to copy, reproduce, and use all or a portion of your interview whether or not to publish on our website or other medium. We reserve the right to edit written texts for grammar, spelling, or length before publishing. Opinions expressed in the videos are the personal views of the individual interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the views of the NHSA.