Saturday, August 1st, 2015

Participation Info

Students Participating from American Universities:

The program will begin by implementing “individualized study abroad programs” in American universities. Students interested in participating with exchange with Greek students can take the following steps to participate.

  1. Contact your university’s Office of International Affairs or Study Abroad Program Office about your participation in a student exchange that is not currently officially offered at your home university.
  2. Obtain all forms, requirements, deadlines and contact information from the office of international affairs.
  3. Send all information to with subject title “NHSA study abroad request” and email including all obtained information as well as your major, types of classes wishing to take in Greece, any specific requirements you must have for your program of study.
  4. NHSA will contact the Greek university and you will be sent a full curriculum of courses to choose from in English. (If your Greek language skills qualify and if you desire, you may participate in courses in Greek) Syllabi may be provided to submit for course credit.
  5. Complete submit full application to your university study abroad office before university’s deadline which will include:

——– All financial participation information (fees, continuation as registered student through payment of uni- versity tuition)

——– Chosen courses to take at Greek university

——– Official Proof of Acceptance in Greek university and proof that transcripts will be sent (sent to you by NHSA/Greek university)

NHSA will facilitate an agreement between your university contacts and the Greek university‟s contacts to work out administrative aspects of an exchange.