Attendance / Travel Scholarship Requirements

NHSA offers attendance & travel scholarships to dedicated attendees.


Attendance Scholarships

1)  Attend all events – it is the responsibility of the attendee to check into all events, and remain for their entirety.

EXCEPTION: It will not be considered a delinquency if you are unable to attend Friday's networking due to later arrival (i.e. class, work, price of commute). Though if you have arrived, checked in, pre-registered for it, and do not attend, the scholarship will be forfeited. Same exception applies for missing Sunday's parade.

2)  An “Ultimate Weekend Package” or “Weekend ‘Day’ Package” must be purchased

3)  Complete and submit a scholarship application by the deadline (typically one week following the Convention)


Travel Scholarships

1) Must qualify for an Attendance Scholarship

2) Traveling from outside a 7-hour driving distance from Baltimore (per Google Maps)

3) Provide appropriate documentation of travel expenses (More details in scholarship application)


Note: Many factors are taken into consideration in determining the amount of the Travel Scholarship

Ex: Distance traveled, total travel cost, attendee vs. delegate, and amount of applications received



NHSA strives to accommodate all scholarship requests that comply with the aforementioned guidelines. Scholarships are not guaranteed and are issued at the discretion of NHSA. The amount of scholarships available and the monetary value are based on the funds available at the conclusion of the Convention.